Monday, February 27, 2012

It's raining MESH!!!

I'm Ellie and I have decided to defend my SL shopping obsession by contributing to my good friend Boo's Blog.
 I love to mix 'n match different pieces of different designer's works together, and have found the CTS Wardrobe an invaluable time saver.....or at least it will be when I finish going through my embarrassingly large inventory.
For my first blog however I will start with Boo and I's new favorite thing...MESH. Why are some people so reluctant to upgrade for this feature?......crazy......cause SL worked just perfect without it ?'s awesome...go download it now....I'll wait.....
Photo 1:
Make-up:{DA} Glam Eyeshadow Blue Electric
Dress: J.H Couture Victoria Mesh Dress
Hair: Truth - Barbara Mesh
Tights: Gumdrop Knitted thigh highs - Italian Ice
Boots: GOS Triumph Boots - Worn (MESH)
Hat: JAS Store: Storm in a teacup
Bag: Bella's Lullaby - Love Doodles Travel bag - Valentine's gift (2012) MESH
Hands: Yabusaka Mesh Hands
Necklace: MG Necklace Pearls Blue

Photo 2:
Make-up: {DA} Glam Eyeshadow Noir/ Miamai Chod Lipstick (Hooray for multiple layers!)
Hair: Exile Rivers Run
Eyes: Nocturnal Vision - Nightmare Eyes12
Feet: GA Bare Feet Flat
Hands: Yabusaka Mesh Hands
Pants: J.H Couture - Willow Mesh Leather pants
Shirt: mon tissu - Lycia Tank Dk. Gray MESH
Necklace: MG Necklace Pearls Black and Pink
Bracelets and Rings: *LOU* 'Milady' Bracelet and rings
Umbrella: ++NODe++ Umbrella v2 No3 AWESOME - (Rain falls and spatters against this in the most realistic and beautiful way in world)

Photo 3:
Hair : Maitreya Lotte
Tears:  ++NODe++ Tears    (Yes these are MESH! A small prim sits on your eyelid for a welling up effect and animated tears slide down your cheeks. Beautifully made.)
Teeth: SLink Real Teeth

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