Friday, December 24, 2010


Just a quick post today to show my holiday spirit.

Skin - Curio Moonbeam Cupid 2, Allure 1
Hair - Ploom Oro, midnight
Nails - SLink Jolie Prim Nails
Shirt - Schadenfreude Skelebeaters
Pants - Sn@tch Goth Baggies
Armwarmers - Maitreya Armwarmer, Black
Earrings - Schadenfreude Spiral Horn Earrings
Collar - Sn@tch Spiked Dog Collar
Piercings - Medley Shadow Piercings, Snakebite (closing sale going on now)
Tattoo - Para Designs Goth Candy

Monday, December 20, 2010


I was a little 80's inspired after the release of Truth's new hairstyle, Quinn. I've been looking for a side ponytail that I could love, and now I have. It's quirky and adorable, just like the Luck Inc. tank dress I'm wearing. This girl is a sucker for skulls with bows.

Skin - Pink Fuel Broken Hearts Bleed, Milky
Hair - Truth Quinn, Crow
Jacket - Pink Outfitters Rocket girl Jacket
Dress - Luck Inc. Tankdress, Cute Heart Skulliehs
Undershirt - DP YUM YUM Simple Tank, Black
Leggings - Soxie Nylon Leggings, Black
Boots - Maitreya Soho Boots, Black Suede
Earrings - Glow She Earrings
Piercings - Medley Shadow Piercings, Snakebite rings (store is closing, everything is 5L!!!)
Bracelet - Sn@tch Leather Spiked Bangles
Ring - Callie Cline The Rock, Pink Diamond

Sunday, December 19, 2010


SL photography is one my hobbies, so instead of a LOTD I'm posting a photo series I did, combining two things I love - pinup and campy horror. The poses are from the Pin Up Ghoul set from Olive Juice. I picked these up at Horrorfest around Halloween time, and they are so cute, in the "I eat brains" kind of way ;)

Poses - Olive Juice Pin Up Ghoul
Corset - 5th and Oxford The Tease Overbust Corset, Sapphire
Lingerie - 5th and Oxford The Tease Lingerie, Sapphire
Shoes - Pixel Mode Affinity, Black
Hair - Truth Gloria, Night
Skin - Tuli Jade, tone 1
Tattoo - Sh*t Luck Old Skool Tatoo

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Holy Crap has it really been like two months since I last posted!? Eek, well I'm a slacker. Ok, so I was lucky enough to see the Koffin Kats perform again this past week, so this post is my rocka/psychobilly inspired LOTD!

Skin - Tuli Jade (tone 1/bl 07c) Tuli is having a 50% off sale til Nov. 30th!!!
Hair - LAQ Turkish Coffee, Jet Black
Tattoo - Shit Luck NewSkool
Shirt - Callie Cline Signature Tank, White Ribbed Racer
Jeans - Decoy Dana 76, Medium
Shoes - ShinyThings Saturday Flats, Black

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Whew! It's been forever since I've posted, but I have not abandoned the blog. It has just been a crazy RL and I've recently attained some new responsibilities in world. Hopefully I'll have some details about that soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I am a huge EBM fan and I'm very excited about Combichrist's new album Making Monsters. So I'm representin' with my CC tshirt from GROWL. They have a huge selection of unisex band shirts that are really good quality. Textured with wrinkles and details like fading on the band logos.

Skin - Lakroki Tess 2 in Milky (skin #3 no hairbase)
Hair - booN MXI699 hair (dreads), black and booN hairpieces TANA01 black (bangs)
Shirt - GROWL Apparel Band Tee, Combichrist
Shorts - League Combat Shorts, Grey - Female Fit
Boots - TheAbyss NAU Combat Boots [Unisex]

Monday, September 6, 2010


Skirt shapes! You need them! Ever wonder why your butt looks HUGE when wearing a system skirt? Well it's because the mesh sits above your shape instead of laying on top like shirts and pants. Never fear, you don't have to give up your pencil skirts and wiggle dresses. All you have to do is make a separate shape for when you wear a system skirt. This also works well for maxi dresses if you are a avie of a more voluptuous shape (like me). This way your hips wont stick out so much through the prim pieces and you wont have to do so much resizing.

Miko Omegamu of the vintage boutique *ICING* has a fantastic tutorial on how to perfect your system skirt shape here.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Woo! Two posts in a row featuring great jeans, and these are very much the opposite of the skinny ones from last. The Nora Jeans from LeLutka are absolutely fantastic. Great texture and I love the super wide flare. It's matched with the top part of Hucci's Shayla dress. It's a great cut and I think has the same retro flavor to go with the jeans. Now the shoes. THE SHOES! I had to take my pants off so you could see them, ha! These are the [Gos] Platform Pump, and I love them. And you should too. You know why? Aside from them being super sexy the black patent leather ones than I'm wearing are an exclusive special offer on Xstreet for $100L! Normally priced $295L. They're totally scripted but they fit perfect out of the box. You also have the ability to change your metal and wear it with or without the strap.

Skin - Curio Cupid Moonbeam, Crush 2
Hair - TRUTH Marnie, Crow
Shirt - HUCCI Shayla Dress, Black (top only)
Jeans - LeLutka Nora Jeans, Denim
Shoes - [Gos] Platform Pump, Just Black (Xstreet special!)
Bracelet - COCO Gem Bracelet (group gift)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My partner said this was gaudy. Good. I am not shy about the fact that I love leopard print and glitter. If I have the chance to combine them, hell yeah, I'm takin' it. So here's a leopard print blouse from Pink Outfitters. It's sheer on top so unless you're looking for a nip slip, wear something under it. I'm also rocking my hot ass Decoy jeans. I say hot ass because they make your ass look hawt! Great butt shading I must say. Never thought I'd use the term butt shading but who knew. For accessories I have the Loop set from It's a great versatile set. I say spend a little more and get the 24/7 pack. It makes a great accessory staple. Lastly are my Nardcotix Kurvy Ruby Slippers. These were an exclusive gift for group member in Xmas 09 so I don't think they're available for sale :( But comparably, they have a style called Absinthe with the same sparkly red texture :)

Skin - Curio Elf Moonbeam, Fire Engine 1
Hair - TRUTH Yvonne, Crow
Nails - SLink Jolie Prim Nails, used add on HUD in Reds/Pinks
Blouse - Pink Outfitters Loren Sheer Blouse, Leopard
Tank - Hucci Basic Tank, Chocolate
Jeans - Decoy Dana 76, Medium
Shoes - Nardcotix Kurvy Ruby Slippers (exclusive group gift)*

*just a note: the slurl is coming, the location is temporarily closed but there's many satellite stores in-world.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


As I'm sure most of you already know that Phoenix Rising is closing. All their inventory is on sale for 100L for an undetermined amount of time. So I went on a bit of a spree. Here I'm showing off probably my favorite item out of all I bought. Its the Fib Skirt in pink. I also bought in black too, but for some reason the pink was the only item in the store that was more than 100L. Maybe just a mistake, but no matter, it was still a great deal and I was in love with it. I matched it with a DP Yum Yum tank top and Maitreya Shanti in Snow Leopard. I love the little hints of pink on the footbed. I got these at last years shoe fair, where they were a show exclusive at the time but they are available now at Maitreya Gold.

Skin - Curio Cupid Moonbeam Dark, Crave 2
Hair - TRUTH Charlotte, Night
Cleavage - Luck Inc Breast Enhancer for Curio
Shirt - DP Yum Yum Simple Tank
Skirt - Phoenix Rising Fib Skirt, Pink CLOSING!!!
Jewelry - Alamood Bandara Set, Pink Tourmaline
Shoes - Maitreya Gold Shanti, Snow Leopard

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My haul from the recent TRUTH sale! All styles shown in the color Crow

Set 1 (from top left) Penny, Tilly, Rayne, Trinity

Set 2 Kase 2, Mena, Paige, Marnie

Set 3 Brit, Berry, Carli, Kami

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So here is my first fashion composite. It started out as something I just threw on to run out to a shop, but the more I looked at it, the more I really really loved it. It's so sleek and mysterious, I sort of felt a little like a 60's spy girl. The dress is from GothiCats, something I bought in my early rez days that I nearly forgot about. I'm wearing it without the neck and sleeve prims. Just not crazy about the way they look. Pairing it up with simple black tights and the always sexy BAX boots *drool* I can't say enough about BAX boots, and whatever I can say has been said many times over. The shape, the texture, all so perfect. For accessories I'm wearing a DECO necklace. It's a watch and the darker silver matched nicely with the belt that is a part of the dress. The best part of it is that if you zoom in, you can see the gears turning! I love details like that :)

Skin - Curio Cupid Moonbeam Dark, Teddy Bear
Hair - TRUTH Kase 2, Crow
Lashes - [glow] Innocent Lashes, Gentle
Nails - SLink Jolie Sculpted Prim Nails
Dress - GothiCats Nikita (no neck or sleeve prims)
Tights - Soxie Nylon Tights, Black
Boots - BAX Prestige Boots, Black Suede
Necklace - DECO Nighttime Necklace


Hey there! Ok, so I'm a total newbie blogger and it's something I've been tossing around in my head for a while now, and so on a whim I decided to make it happen. I'm not planning on this being a typical fashion blog. RL doesn't always allow me to have the time to be all up on the sales and newness all over SL, so it will be predominantly LOTD's with credits and links. It will be a hodge podge since I can't ever settle on a look. Punk, vintage, goth, neko, faun, cyber, fashionista etc. But in addition to the sparkly things, there will be tips and tricks for your avie, my favorite things and since the title is Pixel DIVAS (plural!) I'll be posting photos and mini bios of the beautiful, powerful and fashionable women of SL that I've had the pleasure of meeting. Enjoy!