Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pixel Divas Love DRBC!!

There is a great new store in SL for all your rockabilly, punkabilly and ...um...all your general billy needs.
Deathrocker Bettie Crocker not only has a fan-freakin'-tastic name but they also have a wack of great mesh clothes. Wiggle dresses, skirts, cool tanks and pants!! They are also super nice. What more could you ask for:)

Hair: [e] Caramel
Make-up: Glamorize: Heavy black/black - EYES/ Glamorize: Nibble Lips(yes I almost wrote nipple) Cherry 
Outfit: ^V^DRBC^V^ Monster Romper
Shoes: [ic] Mesh High Heel Pumps: Vhatyx
Tattoo: Necromancy Tattoo
Necklace: Concret Flowers: Cherry Necklace

Last but not least...

In real life I am not really a fan of high-waisted pants. I am sorry..I know they are very popular right now...but they bring back terrible 90's fashion nightmares and I can't help but be repelled. I hate anything that I can feel rubbing against my stomach and my belly button needs to breathe. These things however do not bother me in SL. Also my SL ass is alot nicer.

Hair: Catwa: Amanda
Tattoo: UtopiaH: Beyond the Death
Shirt:The Secret Store: Sweet Sheer: Chalk(Mesh)
Pants: The Secret Store: Rise Skinny Jeans Black Denim(Mesh)
Shoes:N-Core : Zen "Striped Black"
Glasses: PM: Dorthy Glasses Teal (Mesh)
Necklace:"R.A Crystal" Shallon Black
Gloves: [celoe.mery.gloves.mine]

Back and Bloggin'....

 I took these pictures at the amazing Looking Glass sim. They do nothing to show how beautiful and detailed the sim is...so go and look around...go now....I will wait.

The pictures for this where labelled "grunge" on my desktop for lack of a more creative title.
 All that matters is I love these pants. The details are great....and anything that looks cute while I dash around the grid barefoot works for me.

Hair: .:Exile:. Beyond the Waves- without flowers (Mesh)
Make-up: A&M Black Eyeliner-Gentle Fume/ Lipstick: Glamorize :Delicious Shine: Spice
Tattoo: AUDRAN: Unisex Tattoo 'Bluebirds'
Pants: *X*plosion X* Bolt Mesh Pants(black) (Mesh)
Shirt: DeeTalez: Tops: army body sheer brown
Hands: SLink De Jolie Hands Relaxed

What I did on my summer vacation.....

Okay so this really isn't what I did on my summer vacation but I took the summer off to remind myself what the sun is like, and now as winter approaches I am back and shopping.
This first outfit, I describe as Sci-fi Chic. And yep Christmas tree spikes are the new black....who says they aren't and who wants to say it to the girl wearing them?  No one.

Hair: .:EXILE:. Semi-Charmed Life (MESH)
Make-Up:  Glamorize: Sweet Combo
Tattoo: UtopiaH: Beyond the Death
Hands: SLink DeJolie Mains Hands Relaxed
Dress: E-Clipse - Triste - Red (MESH)
Boots: SLink tall Leather thigh boots Red (MESH)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


skin - Atomic Grace, Violent Violet (past TDR)
hair - Truth Jodie, Crow
top - Glam Affair Liliana
pants - Cold Logic Dailey
shoes - Elikatira Move Pumps, Antique
necklace - Maxi Gossamer Garbo Graduated, Bleached (current Collabor88)
bracelet - Zaara Rayma Wood Bangles

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


First post in forever...and feelin' a bit saucy...

top - R.icielli Victoria Swimsuit (hunt item)
skirt - Mon Tissu Gauzy Skirt, Black
tights - Insanya Tights, Black (group gift)
stockings -  Erratic Wide Fishnet, Black
gloves - The Secret Store Fine Gloves, Black
shoes - Lelutka Pow Pumps, Black
necklace - Lou Lou & Co. Bling Bling
hair - Wasabi Pills Jacqueline, Night Shadow (mesh)
skin - Unique Megstore Suzie
tattoo -  Delusions Wild Side
cigarette - Dolly Ciggy Holder

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little bit of this.....

Okay, I went with an all over the place sort of mix and match today. The corset is from Sn@tch, it can be worn without the bra part or mixed and match with all the different colours. The Corset also comes with tights and a cute skirt. Just make sure you really try the demos cause you are buying one size in all colors, the way Sn@tch usually does things. The pants are also Mesh. I have had these shoulder epaulet spangly awesomeness for a while but I had to include them because they are so cool.
So..yeah...welcome to Wednesday:)

What I am wearing:

Hair: Amerie - Hana
Make-up: {D.A} Glam Goth Make-up
Shirt: Sn@tch - Ida Lovelaced Mesh Corset
Pants: Chronokit -Fabre Mesh Pants Black
Shoes: Azoury- Les Bottines Victoire
Shoulder Awesomeness: LeL. Ultra -Mithra Shoulder Tassels

Saturday, March 31, 2012

MESH Lolita

" Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta."

I am a huge fan of Nabokov's book, both in print and the audiobook masterfully read by Jeremy Irons.
Lolita has come to mean something a bit different...this is for the best...lol...cause love it or not the cocept is just wrong.

But this outfit is super cute.

What I am using to cover my shame:

MAKE-UP: {D.A} Anime Girl
DRESS: Violent Seductions- Persephone (Death)
SOCKS: Tee*fy Arva Socks(Wheat)
TIGHTS: Poppycock* Spring Muse and Eye Me
SHOES: INSOLENCE- Christine Black Mesh Boots
PURSE: Pooppycock* Spring Sac* Softening of feathers

Friday, March 30, 2012

Le.Look March Photo Contest

Le.Look 1 : Taken at WEG
Le.Look 1a: Taken at WEG

Le.Look 2: Taken at Home Studio
These are some photos I did for the March Le.Look photo Contest. I love this contest because you have so much to choose from, from great vendors and some of the items are exclusive to the Le.Look sim.  It's a fabulous place to shop even if you don't wanna enter.
This time I really wanted to go take some pics outside the studio with just sky and water setting and very little PS.
It was a mostly satisfying experience until that guy who spoke very little English wandered into the shot and asked me if I wanted to have sex......I am  so used to this happening in RL but come on SL!!

What I have covered my nakedness with.....

Photo 1 & 1a:

HAIR; Maitreya - Saar
DRESS: KIM - Chance- Rosey
NECKLACE: League Vintage Jewelry Set
SHOES: N-Core Etoile Fatpack

Photo 2...or 3...depending.....
I love this! I wanna wear it to the next RL wedding I go to...hawk and all.
HAIR: 99 Elephants : Clara/Shaved Shorty
SHIRT: [LWL] After 6 Jacket
PANTS: ::PM:: Baggy Wool pants Black
SHOES: [horrenbeck] Nylon Trainer
JEWELRY: League Wanderer Necklace and earrings
MAKE-UP: [ADDICT] Wrath Eyeshadow 2

Monday, March 26, 2012

NV Corsetry Contest: SteamPunk

There are three categories in the March NV:Corsetry Contest. Avant Garde, Steampunk and Club....I am not much of a clubber so that was out...but I love Avant garde and steampunk is killer bee! So I decided to do two entries...i believe I was allowed...lol...so here's the Steampunk entry. Hope you like it...I took the pictures at The Looking Glass...a stunning sim....go buy a building form them...even if you don't need one.

What I am Wearing:
CORSET: NV Corsetry- Taupe Basic Underbust Corset
HAIR:Wasabi Pills - Kamiko Hair
MAKE-UP: Over The Top Raccoon Liner
HAT:RA Pilot Helmet
SHIRT: GAWK! White Shirt Casual
PANTS: Maitreya: Leathr Legging Rosewood
BOOTS:GOS Aviator Boots Amelia
WATCH:CFF Fobbed Watch Austere
NECKLACES: MAS-Cozy Cage Mistress Necklace
League Vintage Clock Necklace
GLOVES:Lightstar - Leather Gloves - Brown
CANE:Albion Silver Walking Stick


I called this post avany casual and then I realized really it's just a wacky jacket. I should probably have juat called this "Wacky Jakcet".
Anyway, I do love to mix and match and at least one peice should always be an attention grabber...I think it's the coat however my ass does look pretty amazing in these pants so...

What I am wearing...

HAIR: ::Exile:: Midnight in Paris
MAKE-UP: [mock] Darkened mood Garnet
JACKET: LeL. Ultra - PRISON Jacket - Silver
PANTS: J.H. Couture Willow Mesh Leather Pants Black
SHIRT: -LaViere - VNeck Crepe Blouse Brown
FEET: *GA* Barefeet Fapack
TATTOO: Vestigium Deer Skull (for Flux)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Circus Couture

There is a venue I like to go to that has a dark circusy theme (Beautiful Freaks Burlesque). I like to wear stuff there that is a bit grundgy...and a bit nutty, everyone goes a little over the top there so you can really go crazy and not feel like you are show-boating. This outfit is a bit sedate, but classy and beautiful...the shoes are amazingly sculpted Mesh from Diktator...as is this fabulous feathery skirt from [LWL]...although I wish there had been an in store demo....bit pricey to go on faith...but it's Ladies who Lunch, and everything else I have from them is awesome so I was willing to take a chance.

What I am wearing:
Hair: TRUTH- Alexis
Make-up: Milk Motion - Clowing Make-up
Necklace: DDD Bone Necklace
Shirt: Muka - Tank Classic Beige ( Casual wear must have!!)
Skirt: [LWL] Angel Gown Bottom - chayot earth
Shoes: Diktator OBEY spine Heels Bootie NUDE

Monday, March 19, 2012

.:NV:. Corsetry Contest March

Heya:) I recently discovered NV Corsety and wow...beautiful scuplted Corsets in every mood and variety. A corset for every occasion, even if you aren't the kind of girl who wears a corset everyday.
While I was there I discovered they are having a contest so I jumped right in.
These are the pictures I submitted for the avant garde category, hope it avantie enough.
Here's what I am wearing in both pics.....

Entry For March NV:Corsetry Contest
Corset: .:NV:. Taupe Suede Base Corset
Body Suit: [LWL] High Tea Body Suit - Tea
Tights: Leezu! Marmour Tight/Beige LLF
Hat: :::B@R::: It's only a paper moon
Necklace: FINESMITH White Noise Necklace
Make-up: {D.A} Glam Shadow Red
Hair: [KiK]Hair- Olive
Shoes: Bax Bootie Porto

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Off Garde....

My first love in SL Fashion is the avant garde and couture pieces.
There is nothing I wear in SL that I wouldn't wear in RL...if it was socially acceptable.
I am planning a few out-there outfits for the posts ahead, but I decided to start with this amazing, luminescent couture gown from SYS.

All Photos:
Hair: LeLutka Rykiel
Make-up: !!Ette - Misty Eyes - Rusty Edge
Dress: SYS - ABIME
Hair Piece: Oiseaunoir -*Head Dress* BL (EMBRYO)
Jewelery: .:A&M:. My Fav Bracelet - WHite Pearl
                  MG - Necklace - Pearls - Sets and Singles (white) MESH

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MARCH EVENTS...an eclectic mix

                                                    Above: EPOCH Legend
                                                    Above: Mix N' Mesh
                                            Above: Whore Couture
                                      Above: Mix N' Mesh

All SL shopping addicts - those in and out of the virtual closet - look forward to events, fairs and whatever else a lot of vendors jammed in a tiny laggy sim can be called.

Yeah you can barely move, and yeah it can take a year for things to rez, but we still can't wait to see what new creations our favorite retailer's have made to go with the theme of the day.

Some of these events are amazing and some are kinda disappointing but all of them draw us like kittens to things kittens like......I have to work on my analogies and synonyms.

Each of the above outfits came from one of SL's March Events. Or at least part of them did.
I am big into mixing and matching but some outfits defy mixing.

Photo # 1:
Event: EPOCH Legend(Beast) This is an absolutely beautiful  event, combining art and shopping and most of the build is beautifully textured MESH. So even if you don't shop, hurry in and have a look before it's over.

Outfit: *dg* Anjir - includes all pieces shown except for hair and make-up.
Hair: Maitreya - Natalie
Make-up: {D.A} Glam Goth Make-up

Photo # 2:
Event: Mix N' Mesh. A smallish venue, some cool vendors but my shopping urges where squashed by a lack of demos. I just don't know that many shoppers who will buy a L1600 dress without being able to try it on first.

Dress: [LWL] Picnic Dress Tropical - this was the piece I got from the event.
Boots: *GF* Mesh Lace up Boots "Gina" Olive
Shrug: tulip. Disconnected -Wet cement
Necklaces: Vintage long chain cameo by Ling Serenity & [glow] Studio Moustache Necklace
Tights: :::insanya::: Tights 16 pack - Red
Hair: LeLutka QCX
Headband: White Lace Flower/Black Headband
Make-up: Pink Acid Lip gloss & Blush and :[p]:- Ataciara Make-up Smudgy Shadow

Photo # 3:
Event : Whore Couture.....lots of stuff, tons of vendors. If you like mini dresses and garters this is the one for you.

Shirt: *EPIC* Kyoot Heart tshirt grey
Bottom: [Sakide] Desire High Waisted Panties(with garters)Taupe
Lingerie: :OW: "Zicke" Aqua Leopard Lingerie
Shoes: *[eLIC] Heels 3 in 1
Hair: *BC322 Emo Princess
Make-up: {D.A.} Promiscuous Make-up

Photo # 4:
Also Mix n' Mesh
Outfit: AD Loneliness Mesh Dress

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's raining MESH!!!

I'm Ellie and I have decided to defend my SL shopping obsession by contributing to my good friend Boo's Blog.
 I love to mix 'n match different pieces of different designer's works together, and have found the CTS Wardrobe an invaluable time saver.....or at least it will be when I finish going through my embarrassingly large inventory.
For my first blog however I will start with Boo and I's new favorite thing...MESH. Why are some people so reluctant to upgrade for this feature?......crazy......cause SL worked just perfect without it ?...LOL.it's awesome...go download it now....I'll wait.....
Photo 1:
Make-up:{DA} Glam Eyeshadow Blue Electric
Dress: J.H Couture Victoria Mesh Dress
Hair: Truth - Barbara Mesh
Tights: Gumdrop Knitted thigh highs - Italian Ice
Boots: GOS Triumph Boots - Worn (MESH)
Hat: JAS Store: Storm in a teacup
Bag: Bella's Lullaby - Love Doodles Travel bag - Valentine's gift (2012) MESH
Hands: Yabusaka Mesh Hands
Necklace: MG Necklace Pearls Blue

Photo 2:
Make-up: {DA} Glam Eyeshadow Noir/ Miamai Chod Lipstick (Hooray for multiple layers!)
Hair: Exile Rivers Run
Eyes: Nocturnal Vision - Nightmare Eyes12
Feet: GA Bare Feet Flat
Hands: Yabusaka Mesh Hands
Pants: J.H Couture - Willow Mesh Leather pants
Shirt: mon tissu - Lycia Tank Dk. Gray MESH
Necklace: MG Necklace Pearls Black and Pink
Bracelets and Rings: *LOU* 'Milady' Bracelet and rings
Umbrella: ++NODe++ Umbrella v2 No3 AWESOME - (Rain falls and spatters against this in the most realistic and beautiful way in world)

Photo 3:
Hair : Maitreya Lotte
Tears:  ++NODe++ Tears    (Yes these are MESH! A small prim sits on your eyelid for a welling up effect and animated tears slide down your cheeks. Beautifully made.)
Teeth: SLink Real Teeth

Go to our Burlesque website...it's neato!