Monday, March 19, 2012

.:NV:. Corsetry Contest March

Heya:) I recently discovered NV Corsety and wow...beautiful scuplted Corsets in every mood and variety. A corset for every occasion, even if you aren't the kind of girl who wears a corset everyday.
While I was there I discovered they are having a contest so I jumped right in.
These are the pictures I submitted for the avant garde category, hope it avantie enough.
Here's what I am wearing in both pics.....

Entry For March NV:Corsetry Contest
Corset: .:NV:. Taupe Suede Base Corset
Body Suit: [LWL] High Tea Body Suit - Tea
Tights: Leezu! Marmour Tight/Beige LLF
Hat: :::B@R::: It's only a paper moon
Necklace: FINESMITH White Noise Necklace
Make-up: {D.A} Glam Shadow Red
Hair: [KiK]Hair- Olive
Shoes: Bax Bootie Porto

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