Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MARCH eclectic mix

                                                    Above: EPOCH Legend
                                                    Above: Mix N' Mesh
                                            Above: Whore Couture
                                      Above: Mix N' Mesh

All SL shopping addicts - those in and out of the virtual closet - look forward to events, fairs and whatever else a lot of vendors jammed in a tiny laggy sim can be called.

Yeah you can barely move, and yeah it can take a year for things to rez, but we still can't wait to see what new creations our favorite retailer's have made to go with the theme of the day.

Some of these events are amazing and some are kinda disappointing but all of them draw us like kittens to things kittens like......I have to work on my analogies and synonyms.

Each of the above outfits came from one of SL's March Events. Or at least part of them did.
I am big into mixing and matching but some outfits defy mixing.

Photo # 1:
Event: EPOCH Legend(Beast) This is an absolutely beautiful  event, combining art and shopping and most of the build is beautifully textured MESH. So even if you don't shop, hurry in and have a look before it's over.

Outfit: *dg* Anjir - includes all pieces shown except for hair and make-up.
Hair: Maitreya - Natalie
Make-up: {D.A} Glam Goth Make-up

Photo # 2:
Event: Mix N' Mesh. A smallish venue, some cool vendors but my shopping urges where squashed by a lack of demos. I just don't know that many shoppers who will buy a L1600 dress without being able to try it on first.

Dress: [LWL] Picnic Dress Tropical - this was the piece I got from the event.
Boots: *GF* Mesh Lace up Boots "Gina" Olive
Shrug: tulip. Disconnected -Wet cement
Necklaces: Vintage long chain cameo by Ling Serenity & [glow] Studio Moustache Necklace
Tights: :::insanya::: Tights 16 pack - Red
Hair: LeLutka QCX
Headband: White Lace Flower/Black Headband
Make-up: Pink Acid Lip gloss & Blush and :[p]:- Ataciara Make-up Smudgy Shadow

Photo # 3:
Event : Whore Couture.....lots of stuff, tons of vendors. If you like mini dresses and garters this is the one for you.

Shirt: *EPIC* Kyoot Heart tshirt grey
Bottom: [Sakide] Desire High Waisted Panties(with garters)Taupe
Lingerie: :OW: "Zicke" Aqua Leopard Lingerie
Shoes: *[eLIC] Heels 3 in 1
Hair: *BC322 Emo Princess
Make-up: {D.A.} Promiscuous Make-up

Photo # 4:
Also Mix n' Mesh
Outfit: AD Loneliness Mesh Dress

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