Sunday, December 19, 2010


SL photography is one my hobbies, so instead of a LOTD I'm posting a photo series I did, combining two things I love - pinup and campy horror. The poses are from the Pin Up Ghoul set from Olive Juice. I picked these up at Horrorfest around Halloween time, and they are so cute, in the "I eat brains" kind of way ;)

Poses - Olive Juice Pin Up Ghoul
Corset - 5th and Oxford The Tease Overbust Corset, Sapphire
Lingerie - 5th and Oxford The Tease Lingerie, Sapphire
Shoes - Pixel Mode Affinity, Black
Hair - Truth Gloria, Night
Skin - Tuli Jade, tone 1
Tattoo - Sh*t Luck Old Skool Tatoo

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