Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So here is my first fashion composite. It started out as something I just threw on to run out to a shop, but the more I looked at it, the more I really really loved it. It's so sleek and mysterious, I sort of felt a little like a 60's spy girl. The dress is from GothiCats, something I bought in my early rez days that I nearly forgot about. I'm wearing it without the neck and sleeve prims. Just not crazy about the way they look. Pairing it up with simple black tights and the always sexy BAX boots *drool* I can't say enough about BAX boots, and whatever I can say has been said many times over. The shape, the texture, all so perfect. For accessories I'm wearing a DECO necklace. It's a watch and the darker silver matched nicely with the belt that is a part of the dress. The best part of it is that if you zoom in, you can see the gears turning! I love details like that :)

Skin - Curio Cupid Moonbeam Dark, Teddy Bear
Hair - TRUTH Kase 2, Crow
Lashes - [glow] Innocent Lashes, Gentle
Nails - SLink Jolie Sculpted Prim Nails
Dress - GothiCats Nikita (no neck or sleeve prims)
Tights - Soxie Nylon Tights, Black
Boots - BAX Prestige Boots, Black Suede
Necklace - DECO Nighttime Necklace

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