Thursday, April 14, 2011


I decided to join in on the "What's Your Digits?" project started by Berry of In world, I'm a proud burlesque performer at the Viva La Glam sim, so I pay a lot of attention to my shape in hopes that others will too *badabum* When I created my shape, there were three factors that were the most important. I wanted my SL body to be proportionate, natural and curvy. I'm on the thick side for SL standards, so sometimes resizing can be a pain, and there's certain things I just can't wear (just like RL). But overall, I love the shape I created, and I can't foresee ever changing it. Besides, who would want to resize all that stuff again? :P

skin: Curio Elf Moonbeam Frex Dark, Sprite 2
cleavage: Luck Inc., Breast Enhancer for Curio Skins
hair: Truth Babydoll streaked, Granny with Coolmint Streak (Project Fur Japan)
tatoo: Katatonik, Treat Tatoo Sleeves 2
feet: SLink Jolie Pied Barefoot, High

undies: Fishy Strawberry Lingerie, Soignee Purple

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