Friday, February 15, 2013

Awesome Tees!

First of all...I did not kill that shark.
I love sharks and would never hurt one....on the other hand that ones not real so piss off hippy.
That pic was taken on the lovely Port of Something Sim.....I am terrible at this, luckily no one reads it...except you of course:)
Moving right along.....
Recently I was looking on the market for some fun tees....I am a super movie geek in  RL so I am always on the look out for graphics tees to share my obsession with people inworld.
That's when I came across [CONTEXT] - Sarcasm Queen Tees.
All I can say is yay!!!
These are from to different packs...#7 and #9.
The first is a reference to one of my all time favorite movies...Big Trouble in little China and the second is from Silence of the Lambs and makes me giggle whenever I wear it.
Each set comes with a HUD that allows you to change between 5 different prints including movies, muppets, Lovecraft and more!!!
The hardest decision is which pack to buy.....I suggest buying them all.

HAIR: TRUTH: Tenille
HANDS:SLink Mesh Rigged Hands Casual
MAKE-UP:Corvus: Deep Black Eyeshadow
T-SHIRT:[CONTEXT] Sarcasm Queen T-Pack
SHORTS:*.::deer::.* Mesh Lower Shorts- Dark Blue
SUSPENDERS: .SHI: Leather Suspenders
SOCKS: Epic: Sports Socks with color change stripes
BOOTS: GOS- [Docs] 8 Hole - OLD

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