Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter is the Enemy.

As I so lyrically out it, I am getting so f**king sick of winter.
The night before last Mother Nature decided to repay us for all plastic water bottles we use by dumping 4 feet of snow on Toronto. Normally this wouldn't be a surprise but last week we broke records with tear-of-joy inducing high temperatures, that make you foolishly believe that spring is coming early.
And the snow all came in fast (over 12 hours) and sideways....and right into your matter which direction you look in!! Whoever invented wind that moves in all's not a popular idea...people don't like it.
 So to say F**k You too....I put on what I would like to wear out today.
*Note I am still wearing boots and a hat.....I am fed up...not bat shit crazy. I have always refused to be one of those girls lined up for a club on a Friday night is -25 Celsius (for Americans...that's f**king cold) open toe strappy shoes and a mini skirt. Freeze bitches, survival of the fittest.

What I am Wearing:
Hat: Knit Flap Hat ( Seriously, that's all it said.)
Hair: TRUTH - Adeline
Make-up: [mock] darkened mood makeover - garnets
Glasses: Steinwerks- Shiny Mesh Glasses (you also get a size for petite mesh avis)
Arm warmers: DN Arm warmers
Shirt: Miel punk racer back - Canada
Pants: Sn@tch Mesh Boyfriend Jeans
Boots: Maitreya Stagioni Boots

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